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Welcome to eFeng Shui Academy

You must have found your way here because of your keen interest in Feng Shui and needless to be saying, you know you have found the answer (the tool) that can improve your life - Feng Shui

What is next then?

Why not we develop this interest into your own knowledge? Arm yourself with the wisdom of the Art of Feng Shui that could empower your life.

Feng Shui is definitely one skill which everyone can master. It is only a matter of getting the correct understanding - to get the principle right. Given the correct guidance, you can easily master its basic to the very advance Feng Shui.

Let eFeng Shui Academy show you the way. At eFeng Shui Academy, we seek to educate those who pursue the correct learning of the classic art - The Authentic Classical Feng Shui. It is important that you learn from the correct source, to get the very fundamentals right especially.

eFeng Shui Academy offers you the learning opportunity & pathway. And the best part? You can do it in the very comfort of your home

Enjoy learning Feng Shui in a totally fun and new perspective.

eFS Mastery Courses


AOF / eFS Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Art of Classical Feng Shui

eFS Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

eFS Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Specialized Advanced
Xuan Kong Flying Star

eFS Advanced Mastery:

The Secret code of Two House
Case Studies

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Why didn't my feng Shui work?
Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Do you have the answer for them?

The Changing Era of Feng Shui Learning
In the olden days (to seek the higher learning of Feng Shui), practitioners would travel by foot from place to place, sometimes through highlands and mountains in seek of the great masters.

Feng Shui Case Study- importance of Date Selection
Time is an especially crucial factor in Feng Shui application. You can have the best Feng Shui house but without the correct element of Time (to aptly activate the Qi)...

Water, the Art of Placement
Water has been widely applied in Feng Shui practice to create wealth and good fortune but...


Professional Consultations

Art of Feng Shui Consultancy
  • Feng Shui
  • BaZi Life Assessment
  • Date Selection
  • Name Selection
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