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Sharing with you the true and correct learning of the purest form of Traditional Feng Shui by great Feng Shui ancestor.

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eFeng Shui Academy
Art of Feng Shui Consultancy
School of Traditional Chinese Metaphysics

Founded by Art of Feng Shui Consultancy, eFeng Shui Academy (an e-learning metaphysic school) offers the e-learning opportunity and pathway for those who pursue the correct learning of the classic art - The Authentic Classical Feng Shui.

We understand that many of you are eager and enthusiastic to want to learn the great art of Feng Shui but lack the learning opportunity in your hometown. Here at eFeng Shui Academy, we open up this e-learning gateway for you, We will share with you the true and correct learning of the purest form of Traditional Feng Shui (passed down from great Feng Shui master ancestor).

Wherever you are, mastering this great art of Feng Shui is now at the reach of your finger tip (just a click away).

The Changing Era of Feng Shui Learning

In the olden days (to seek the higher learning of Feng Shui), practitioners would travel by foot from place to place, sometimes through highlands and mountains in seek of the great masters.

In the later years (when Feng Shui become popular), various Feng Shui schools were opened and Feng Shui classes were launched for practitioners and the Feng Shui enthusiasts. Nonetheless, these schools are tied down to their location and country (not everyone has the luxury of time to fly and travel overseas for the classes).

Today (the e-technology Era), we see the growth of online trade - various online shops were launched selling all sort of products you never thought you would get online, Many accredited schools and Universities have also gone into online distance degree and Master program. So here, the worldwide sharing of the correct teaching of True Feng Shui is made also possible via e-learning.

eFeng Shui Academy Online Mastery Programs

How our online Feng Shui e-Courses work? (click for course flow) >>

Today (as popularity of Feng Shui grew tremendously), we see also many different schools of Feng Shui practices across the world, which consist of many different systems. With so many to be looking at, it can get really confusing as to which are the right ones to go for and it is very important that you learn from the correct source, to get the very fundamentals right especially.

eFeng Shui Academy is one of the few schools that teaches the original (Pure) Xuan Kong Feng Shui syllabus and here, we have specially designed and compiled the Traditional Feng Shui theories and applications into a set of engaging e-learning series (clear-cut & straightforward); arranged with lots of easy-to-follow diagrams & examples to take you through easy-learning-process from the very basic to the in-depth advance (saving you years of scrutinizing and studying the Classical Menu Script).

eLearning vs Live Classes

Must Feng Shui be taught face to face that you be able to fully understand and grasp the secret? (cannot be taught online). The key is afterall how the teaching (the messages) is clearly relay and passed down, how keen you yourself are in your learning and of course that you learn from the correct source.

Let me just ask, I am sure you have known of many students who after completed their face-to-face classes are still confused and with doubts (not truly knowing how to apply the Feng Shui formula confidently); Even after years of practice, they are still unsure of whether their application work, having the common question - why sometimes the Feng Shui applications work and sometimes don't.

Now, every system has its own effective communication language and so is with eLearning, our students find learning with our eFeng Shui modules fun and interesting. FYI, most of our students are actually not beginners. Prior to taking our courses, they have studied from other Feng Shui schools. From their feedback, most actually went on with their own and further self-study and research to later finding themselves with eFS academy where at eFS academy, they found the answer to their doubts i.e. getting wrong measurement and facing direction, wrong method of getting house period (which lead to the reason why their previous application doesn't work).

On the surface, our course syllabus may look similar when compare to others. But for those who have studied with us since 2006 (when we first lunched our Mastery program), they know the secret behind.

Our students testimonial speak a thousand words

Student Testimonials >>

Feng Shui Master Jon Sim  
Master Jon Sim
Founder and Principal Consultant
Art of Feng Shui Consultancy >>


Wise man graciously accept his mistake and not find excuses to continue on with his mistake. To be just longer in one's practice doesn't make one a good Feng Shui master. It is the keen-ness and enthusiasm and willingness to learn that make the difference.  

~ Art of Feng Shui Consultancy

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