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Specialized Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Master Course

Master the deeper learning and advanced method to applying Flying Star Feng Shui System.

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  eFeng Shui Academy offers the e-learning opportunity and pathway for those who pursue the correct learning of the classic art of Authentic Classical Feng Shui (anytime, anywhere at the comfort of your home).

Here, we will share with you the true and correct learning of the purest form of Traditional Feng Shui passed down by great feng shui master ancestors. Our courses are specially designed and arranged in an easy-to-follow manner to allow you the best learning experience.


All Feng Shui scripts and applications found in eFS Academy mastery modules are genuine ancient Formula passed down to us by late Feng Shui master Ancestors (the theories and scripts are not written by us). The original Feng Shui scripts are studied by many of today world renowned Feng Shui master and practitioners.

eFS Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Specialized Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star

(the Imperial Flying Star)
Home Study Series

Specialized Advanced
Xuan Kong Flying Star
Module 1A
Specialized Advanced
Xuan Kong Flying Star
Module 1B

For those who seek the Specialization in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui
(Prior Xuan Kong Flying Star knowledge is essential for best comprehension of the module).  

Course Flow:
How our online Feng Shui e-Courses work? >>


In this Specialized Advanced course (aka the Imperial Flying Star), you are going to master the deeper learning and advanced application of Flying Star - The True Xuan Kong Way of applying Feng Shui. Distinct from the common system, this Advanced Flying Star system comprises the highest safeguarded secret formula that were in the past used within the Imperial Court of China, never being disclosed to the general practitioners. Even today, these special formulas are only passed down the school direct lineage (or otherwise, you need to pay a high fee to learn it).

Here, you will learn the secret method of controlling the Stars, including also many other trade secret applications. We are one of the few schools that teach this specialized system. In this advanced system, we control the Stars and not let the Stars control us (you will never dream of actually applying Flying Star Feng Shui in such a profound way).

On completion of this course, you will be a true Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Specialist with the in-depth and specialized skills i.e. the ability to change the Flying Star Chart of the house and rooms via the advance application of readjusting the Door, Bed and Work Desk position. You can even compose your Flying Star combination to your preference with the special arrangement using "Items of Reference". Many of today renowned true masters are part of this advance system.

In the field of Feng Shui training, you will be the Expert, the Specialist in the art of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. Essentially, you need only the use of this one system for your Feng Shui audit (using only this one system but with the exceptional specialized knowledge and understanding of applying it). The proper way to put it - The Xuan Kong Way of Feng Shui.

The Truth of Xuan Kong Flying Star (The Missing Pieces)

Flying Star is one of the disciplines in Feng Shui. As probably known by most, San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star system was popularized by Master Shen Zhu Ren Hr who wrote the manuscript Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue HȪž (Qing Dynasty 1849 - 1906). To compare to the other traditional Feng Shui systems, it has a relatively shorter history. But in actual fact, Flying Star system can be traced way back to Song Dynasty (960 - 1279).

If truth be told, what Master Shen captured in his manuscript is in actual not the full complete system of Xuan Kong Flying Star Classic (to put it in short, there is missing pieces to it). Now, if you are having doubts and uncertain over how to apply your Flying Star applications, questioning the result and accurateness of your Flying Star applications, this is probably the reason why.

This Specialized Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star course would be the course then, to provide you the answer to your missing pieces of Xuan Kong Flying Star (to becoming a true Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui Specialist).

Be the Specialist in the art of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui 

Course Structure:

Module 1A


  • Understanding Of Trinity Luck                       
  • How Is Taiji Derived?                                                             
  • The Five Elements                                                             
  • The Productive Cycle                                                                
  • The Destructive/Controlling Cycle                                             
  • The Weakening Cycle                                                                
  • Five Elements And Their Characteristics                                            
  • River Map (He Tu)                                                                       
  • Characteristics Of River Map Combination                                     
  • Luo Shu                                                                                
  • Characteristics Of Luo Shu Combination                                     
  • The Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua)                                                        
  • How Is The Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua) Derived?                         
  • Early Heaven Trigrams Arrangement                                                     
  • Later Heaven Trigrams Arrangement                                                     
  • Inter-relationship Between Early And Later Heaven Trigrams Arrangement     
  • Easy Identification Of Luo Shu Trigrams                                                      

Compass Reading

  • 24 Mountains Directions                                                                             
  • How The 12 Earthly Branches Are Placed In The 24 Mountains Directions
  • How The 8 Heavenly Stems Are Placed In The 24 Mountains Direction
  • How The 4 Even Numbered Gua of Later Heaven Trigrams Are Placed Into 24 Mountains Directions
  • Function Of The 24 Mountains Directions

Death And Emptiness Lines (The San Yuan Method)                                                                    

  • 24 Mountain Death And Emptiness Lines Compass Chart
  • 64 Hexagram Death And Emptiness Lines Compass Chart
  • 4 Most Dangerous Emptiness Lines

Taking Facing And Sitting Direction                                                                   

  • Taking Facing And Sitting Direction (San Yuan System) 

  • How to determine the correct Facing and Sitting of a house / office for Xuan Kong Flying Star?
    Do you know there's a difference between San He (8 Mansions) and San Yuan (Xuan Kong Flying Star) way of taking facing direction?

  • Where do we take the compass measurement from?
    From the door?

    3 meters away from the door and building?
    Center of the house?
    Yang Side where there are busy activities?

Taking Facing Direction Of A Building (enclosed and open concept)                  

Taking Facing Direction Of A House (Stand-alone House)

Taking Facing Direction Of A House (Built in a row)                                       

Understanding The Time Dimension of San Yuan Cycle                         

  • San Yuan Stars And Their Characteristics
  • Flying Pattern Flow Of The Stars In Luo Shu Grid                                       
  • Determining The House Period (enclosed and open concept)                  
    House units (though belong to same building) can sometimes be of different Periods. What is the reason behind?

Plotting The Flying Star Chart                                                                         

The Art of Distributing Qi (the Compartmenting method)

  • Superimposing Flying Star Chart onto House / Office Plan
  • Distributing Flying Star Qi (with reference to the Cardinal Points)          
  • Locating True Sector of Main Door                                                                          
  • Superimposing Flying Star Chart onto Individual Rooms         
  • Superimpose Flying Star Chart Onto a Two-Storey House                        
  • Missing Corners (Identifying the true missing corners)                                                       

Unlocking The Keys To Flying Stars Formula                                            

  • Understanding Sitting And Facing Stars (the traditional / advanced system)
  • How To Activate The Stars                                                                          
  • Activating Sitting Star (Mountain) & Facing Star (Water)                                                               
  • External vs Interior                                                                      

Timely and Untimely Stars And Their Associating Characteristic (the traditional system)

Secret of The Good Stars, Bad Stars and Neutral Stars
Understanding the family of Good, Bad and Neutral Stars and how they can influence one another

  • The Good Stars Family
  • The Bad Stars Family
  • The Neutral Stars Family
  • The Mixture Star

The Influencing Strength

  • The Good Stars influence 
  • The Bad Stars influence
  • Facing Star vs Sitting Star   

The Harmonize and Controlling Flow of Star Combination            

Module 1B

  • House Gua and Personal Gua in Specialized Advanced Flying Star
    Determining Your Personal Gua
    Determining Your House Gua

  • Relationship between Flying Star combination with House / Personal Gua

  • Flying Star Combination and their Matching Gua

  • How long does Your House Feng Shui Take Effect? (7 days, 49 days, 64 Days, 120 days)?

  • The Annual and Monthly Stars ( the advanced system)
    Influences of Annual And Monthly Flying Stars

  • How Flying Stars System Work?                                                                        

  • The Truth about Annual and Monthly Stars

  • Remedying of Bad Star Numbers

  • San Yuan Water Formation (Xuan Kong Water System)
    Determining Locations Of Direct And Indirect Spirit
    Direct and Indirect Spirit Locations for lower and upper period
    Identifying Most Timely Direct and Indirect Spirit
    Sub-Indirect Spirit

  • Activating the Good Stars

  • External Features (Shape)                                                                                
  • External Feature (Roads and River)

  • House Matching Road
    Incoming Roads and their Influence (Weakening and Countering)  

  • Special Star Combination
    (How Bad Star can become Good Star)

  • Door Matching Door, Door Matching Stairs, Door Matching Room 

  • Imprisonment Of Timely Star                                                 

  • Understanding Facing Direction and Sitting Direction (the Xuan Kong Way)                                                                           

  • Understanding Facing Direction (facing 45 degree)      

  • Understanding Items of References and their reference point           
    - Positioning The Bed (the Xuan Kong Way)                                       
    - Positioning The Work Desk (the Xuan Kong Way)                           
    - Positioning The Stove (the Xuan Kong Way)

  • Avoid 5 Yellow, San Sha, Sui Po
    - Locating Annual 5 Yellow                                                                                   
    - How to Locate Monthly 5 Yellow                                                                       
    - How to Locate San Sha (3 Killing)                                                                      
    - How to Locate Sui Po (Age Break)

  • The Secret of Changing Qi (The Art of Door Tilting)

  • The Secret of Changing Qi (Using items of References)                                   

  • Tilting the Door and its rules

  • Importance of Date Selection
  • Changing Qi vs Changing Sector

  • The 81 Flying Stars Combinations (the specialized system)

eFS Advanced Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Specialized Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star

Home Study Series

Feng Shui Home Study Series
(Downloadable eBook Format)

eFS Advanced Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Specialized Advance Xuan Kong Flying Star
Home Study Series (Full Module)
Price: US$1288


Once Sold, not refundable.
This program contains many advanced date selection applications and formulas, which includes also special formula that we decided to reveal. We seek your kind understanding in this arrangement

Upon payment of your order verified, your user name and password will be sent to you via email within 24 Hrs. Once you received your authorization code, you may login to access your Specialized Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Mastery eBooks.

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