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Feng Shui - Facing Direction of high-rise buildings

Without knowing where the Facing Direction is, how can one even conduct a Feng Shui audit?

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Date Selection Discussion: Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time

    In life, we always talk about doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, at the Right Place. This absolutely applies for Feng Shui too.

    In Feng Shui, we apply the Formula and Setup customizing them specifically and accordingly to the right House & Person. There is never a one-fit-all Feng Shui formula to convenient every house.

    With the correct Feng Shui Formula and Setup at hand, we need next the correct element of Time to activate and bring the Formation to work. Here, we must similarly locate accordingly a Time (Date & Hours) that auspiciously matches the House and Person.

    Same as applying Feng Shui Formula, there is never a one-fit-all auspicious date. This is a common mistake made by many. Many jump into the quick conclusion that an auspicious date mean the date is good for everyone i.e. they thought they could conveniently rely on Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac to choose their auspicious dates. In our opinion, these dates are far too general and they are actually at risk of choosing the wrong date - Auspicious Date to becoming Inauspicious Date!

    So here is where XKDG Date Selection comes into place.

    XKDG Date Selection goes in depth into the precision analysis of Time element (Year, Month, Day and Hour). These time elements can be related as also the "Qi" (energy flow) of the day. And XKDG refers to the 64 Hexagrams where each hexagram carries an "Element" and "Period" number; We co-analyze these numbers and elements to tap into the precise time - to bring together and turn on the most excellent "Qi" (energy forces).

    To be true Feng Shui master, you must possess together the skill of both Arts - True Traditional Feng Shui skill and XKDG Date Selection knowledge. With the skill of Feng Shui art alone (without the knowledge of XKDG Date selection), you are like missing your right hand; a general fighting a battle without his horse and sword

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