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Understand the classical theory behind the original Feng Shui Scripts

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All Feng Shui scripts and applications found in eFS Academy mastery modules are genuine ancient Formula passed down to us by late Feng Shui master Ancestors (the theories and scripts are not written by us). The original Feng Shui scripts are studied by many of today world renowned Feng Shui master and practitioners.  

AOF / eFS Mastery Program :
Art of Classical Feng Shui Mastery Course
Course Preview


Module 1A :: Preview

In this module, you will learn the basic fundamentals and have the correct understanding of what true Classical Feng Shui is (to prepare you for the subsequent modules)..

You will learn also how to identify a good Feng Shui environment (recognizing the Good and Bad external features, understanding the important aspects of the House and its interior).




Module 1B :: Preview

In this Module, you will learn the application of Eight Mansions Feng Shui.

Eight Mansions Feng Shui can be a simple formula that works around the 4 Favorable and 4 Unfavorable Directions (But is it really as simple as it may seem to be?)

There have been many misleading articles and guides written on the web that tell you how easy Eight Mansions Feng Shui is (how to be applying and enhancing the Favorable and Unfavorable Directions).

But many overlooked the importance of Time. In the system of Eight Mansions Feng Shui, Time Factor plays actually a very important part. Some Feng Shui practitioners even proclaimed that Eight Mansions Feng Shui is one formula that doesn't take Time aspect into considerations (this is a very wrong concept).  

Here, we will disclose to you secret formula and the correct way of applications. 

By the end of this Feng Shui course module, you will understand the true classical Feng Shui theory behind one's luck enhancement, the practicability sense behind the applications; True classical Feng Shi is never about placement of special good luck items or playing with the Feng Shui colors...




Module 2A :: Preview

In this Module, you will learn the application of Xuan Kong Flying Star System (from its basic to the in-depth applications). 

Flying Star Feng Shui is a system that look into the changing influences of "Qi". Based on the principle that Qi changes over time, the formula computes the pattern quality of Qi that changes through time. It reveals how Qi actually changes in a fixed pattern and which affect us...

You will learn also the various Formulas on enhancing and remedying the Favorable and Unfavorable Stars respectively, touching on also the Direct and Indirect Spirit (the Mountain and Water location of the active Era); You will learn that in the Mountain locations (Direct Spirit), there must be no presence of any real physical water features e.g. lake, river, water fountain etc.

And moving on, you will learn to how combine Eight Mansions Feng Shui with Flying Star Feng Shui, to applying the their applications and formula in accordance.



Module 2B :: Preview

In this module, you will learn the further applications of Annual and Monthly Flying Star, understanding also the Annual Afflictions.

Following so, you will learn the Great Sun Formula, which is a Special Formula used in Classical Feng Shui for auspicious dates selection.

Here, you will learn to identify the suitable auspicious dates and timing that is necessary when performing any renovation or groundbreaking work at the Annual Afflictions.

Next, you will learn the Heavenly Romance Star Formation, which is a special formula used in Classical Feng Shui to enhance one's romance and love luck (touching on also the Monthly Romance Star Formation).

And last but not least, you will learn about San He Water system and the Five Ghost Carry Treasure Formula, which is a special wealth formula used in San He Feng Shui to generate additional wealth luck and fortune (a formation that will bring about great abundance of fortune and opportunities when the formation take position).


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AOF Mastery Program : Art of Classical Feng Shui
Home Study Series

(Downloadable eBook Format)

AOF / eFS Mastery Program :
Art of Classical Feng Shui Mastery Course

Home Study Series (Full Module)
Price: US$788

Once Sold, not refundable.
This program contains many advance Feng Shui applications and formulas, which includes also special formula that we decided to reveal. We seek your kind understanding in this arrangement

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