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Why didn't the Feng Shui applications work?

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Do you have the answer for them?

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Unanswered Feng Shui Question?
Common questions that most practitioners and masters will faced.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why didn't the Feng Shui applications work? (Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't) You were told that your house has superb Feng Shui but then why is it that your luck became worse after shifting in? Conversely, some might tell you that your house's Feng Shui is bad but then after shifting in, good things keep coming in.

Do you have the answer for them? Do you know where did things go wrong?
If you can't answer them, you should then question yourself. Have you used the correct Feng Shui method? Have you unknowingly missed out something (some simple but yet most important steps).

In eFeng Shui Academy, there is never the answer not sure or uncertain. Everything can be explained with proven track records.

Common questions that most practitioners and masters will faced:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions::

How to determine the house's Facing and Sitting (with 100% confidence). Are you having doubts with your measurement?

There are various different schools of thought in Feng Shui. House Facing direction are taken to different references i.e. taking reading at Main Door, by the Building, Center of the house, at the Yang side with lively activities, to base on buildingˇ¦s facing intention and true magnetic north and magnetic influence.

Out of so many, which is the most correct method?


How to determine the Facing and Sitting direction of such buildings (when all direction appear to be its Facing?)


How to plot the Flying Star chart when you are uncertain of the House Period?


How to confidently audit a house that is of odd shapes?



When the house is with multiple entrances, how do we correctly allocate the Qi to taking the correct measurement?

Prosperous Star Combination 8 8 locates at Main Door of the house (in Period 8). In Period 8, Star number 8 carries strong favorable luck influence. But then why is it that the owner suffer extremely ill luck instead of gaining good fortune? What went wrong?


How do we take measurement for a slanted door?

What happen when the house reflects 2 reading? Which should be the correct one to take? Can a house have 2 different Flying Star Chart?

  • 1st reading = Northwest 3
  • 2nd reading = North 1


Should T-junction road be regarded as bad external influence? But then again, why is it that some houses having facing T-junction road actually seem to receive more benefits rather than suffer ill luck?

Water features in Feng Shui is applied to enhance on the Wealth. But why didn't I see any wealth coming at all?

Feng Shui is never a Trial & Error application.
In the Art of Classical Feng Shui, it is not enough to be just only sure but a must to be VERY SURE with a clear & precise mind.


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