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Online Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection Mastery Course

XKDG Date selection is a system that goes in depth into the precision analysis of Time for achieving the best optimal Feng Shui result.

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  eFeng Shui Academy offers the e-learning opportunity and pathway for those who pursue the correct learning of the classic art of Authentic Classical Feng Shui (anytime, anywhere at the comfort of your home).  

Here, we will share with you the true and correct learning of the purest form of Traditional Feng Shui passed down by great feng shui master ancestors. Our courses are specially designed and arranged in an easy-to-follow manner to allow you the best learning experience.


All Feng Shui scripts and applications found in eFS Academy mastery modules are genuine ancient Formula passed down to us by late Feng Shui master Ancestors (the theories and scripts are not written by us). The original Feng Shui scripts are studied by many of today world renowned Feng Shui master and practitioners.

eFS Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

Home Study Series

xuan kong da gua date selection
XKDG Date Selection
Module 1A
XKDG Date Selection
Module 1B


Course Flow:
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What is Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection? (Why learn Xuan Kong Da Gua Date selection skill)

To best answer the question, ask yourself this question - Do you want to be a Top-Class Feng Shui Master (a class above the rest)?

In life, we always talk about doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, at the Right Place. This absolutely applies for Feng Shui too.

With the correct Feng Shui Formula and Setup at hand, we need next the correct element of Time to complement the activation of the Feng Shui Formation to allow the formation to work and take effective result; the Time (Date & Hours) must at the same time matches auspiciously well with the House and Person.

True Case study

Two houses have the exact same Facing Direction and same Structure. Feng Shui reading for the both is good in Period 8, anyone who stay in these house will enjoy good fortune and prosperous luck. The owners are however advised by their respective Feng Shui master to move in at a very different timing and season.

Both houses have the exact same Facing Direction and same Structure.

House A:

Move-in Date & Time selected  - Spring Season (Feb to Apr) 2009

Effect after move in:

  • Great destructive influence from financial loss, sickness and mishaps

  • The youngest daughter was injured in a road accident

  • The lady owner (a single mother in her mid 40s) was retrenched due to corporate downsizing

  • The elder son began to suffer from poor health

House B:

Move-in Date & Time selected - Autumn Season (Aug to Oct) 2009

Effect after move in:

  • The house owner strike 4D lottery

  • Business started growing immediately

  • Wife received huge promotion at work

  • Their eldest daughter got her first job offer even before officially graduating from University

How can the result be so different?

Is it because different people have different luck? Result is different depending on individual? Or is it that one has done something wrong his or her previous life?

The Truth & Answer:
Difference in the time-factor (Good and Bad Move-in date)

Method of Date Selection:

House A: - Other date selection method

House B: - Traditional XKDG Date selection

* Genuine case encountered by 2 neighboring house at Bishan district

In order to be an accomplished Feng Shui practitioner, you must have good knowledge in also the Date Selection. Many Feng Shui practitioners know how to read Feng Shui, do audits and offer changes but somehow they may not get the desired result after implementing the changes. This is due to incompatible method of Date Selection applied. In Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we uses Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection method to obtain the desired result (Xuan Kong Da Gua Date selection is a system that goes in depth into the precision analysis of Time (Year, Month, Day and Hours) to achieving the best optimal Feng Shui result).    

XKDG Date Selection is the "Time Factor" 
to maximize the result in Feng Shui 

To be true Feng Shui master, you must possess together the skill of both Arts - True Classical Feng Shui skill and XKDG Date Selection knowledge. With the skill of Feng Shui art alone (without the knowledge of XKDG Date selection), you are like missing your right hand; a General fighting a battle without his horse and sword...

Course Structure:

xuan kong da gua date selection
Module 1A

  • Introduction To Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection
  • Understanding Taiji (Yin & Yang Principle)
  • The Five Elements (五行)
  • River Map (He Tu)
  • Luo Shu
  • The Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua)
  • Early Heaven Trigrams Arrangement
  • Later Heaven Trigrams Arrangement

Xuan Kong Element and Period

  • Xuan Kong Wu Xing (玄空五行)
  • Xuan Kong Gua Yun (玄空卦運)

Xuan Kong Gua Yun Period Family

  • Xuan Kong Gua Yun Period Family
    Gua Yun Family Period 1 - 9

  • The Parents Gua
    - Mother Gua / Father Gua

  • The Derive of Gua Yun in each period
    (Change and Unchanged Formula)

  • Difference between XKWX and XKGY
  • The Element of Time
  • The Ten Heavenly Stems
  • The Tw elve Earthly Branches
  • The Sixty Jia Zi Cycle

The Bazi

  • Introduction To Bazi Chart
  • Plotting the Bazi Time Chart
  • Plotting XKDG Element & Gua Period into Bazi Time Chart

How To Evaluate The Date & Time

  • Matching of Month Season
  • Matching of Xuan Kong Wu Xing
  • Combine 10 Combination
    (There are no Combination of 5 and 15)
  • He Tu Combination
  • Relationship of Xuan Kong Wu Xing Influence
  • Matching of Xuan kong Gua Yun
  • How to determine a Good XKGY Period
    - What kind of date can last 180 years
    - How to borrow qi from period to period
  • Relationship of Xuan Kong Gua Yun Influence
  • Special Gua Yun Combo
    (derived from the Seven Robbery Stars Formations)
    - Why there are no Hetu 16, 27, 38, 49 combo in Gua period.

  • Types of Clash
    - Internal Clash (Within the chart - Not Related to element numbers)
    - Hetu Clashing
    - Clashing of Occupants

  • Matching of House Direction
    (Sitting Vs Facing)
  • Matching of Occupants

  • Avoidance - Annual Afflictions
    - 5 Yellow
    - San Sha (3 Killings)
    - Sui Po

  • How to Locate San Sha (3 Killing)
  • Identifying Good and Bad San Sha Day
  • How to make use of Good San Sha Day

Module 1B

XKDG Date Selection Chart & Their Function
(Different Chart produce different influence and result)

Matching of Chart according to different types of activities:

  • Moving in new House
  • Home Renovation & Repair work
  • Positioning Bed
  • Installing Stove
  • Tilting and Alteration of Door
  • Business launch
  • Office Renovation & Repair work
  • W ater Activation (Wealth)
  • Bed position for Conceiving baby
  • Short term Office Rental
  • Temporary Road Show & Exhibition
  • Talks and Seminars

Here we explain on:
Why some dates are good for Wealth but not for Harmony 
Why some dates are good for Health but not for Wealth
Identifying Dates for fast impact result (short term) and lasting favorable influence (long term) 

  • Master Killing Day
  • XKDG Date Selection Checklist


  • Moving into New Office
  • Moving In Procedures (To do-list)
  • New Business Launch Procedures
  • Renovation
  • Renovation and Groundbreaking
  • Renovation (Difference between With and Without Occupiers)

  • Moving into New House
  • Activating Water Feature
  • Repositioning of Stove
  • Tilting and Relocating of Door
  • Procedure for Changing Main Door
  • Correct Placement of God & Deity (Altar)
    (Placing the Altar at a wrong timing and position can affect a house Feng Shui.)


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eFS Advanced Mastery Program :
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

Home Study Series

Feng Shui Home Study Series
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eFS Advanced Mastery Program :
Master Course in
Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

Home Study Series (Full Module)
Price: US$998

Once Sold, not refundable.
This program contains many advanced date selection applications and formulas, which includes also special formula that we decided to reveal. We seek your kind understanding in this arrangement

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